New ScalaFX 1 Milestone 6 and ScalaFX 8 Milestone 2

New milestones for ScalaFX are available. There are two parallel branches, ScalaFX 1 supports JavaFX 2, and ScalaFX 8 supports JavaFX 8.

Summary of Changes in ScalaFX 1 since Milestone 5

  • Fixed Issue 82: DragEvent.gestureTarget returns gestureSource.
  • Fixed Issue 83: “java.util.NoSuchElementException: None.get” in `scalafx.delegate.SFXEnumDelegateCompanion#jfxEnum2sfx`
  • Fixed Issue 88: JavaFX 2.2.40 introduced new MediaPlayer.Status enum value DISPOSED
  • Fixed Issue 89: JavaFX 2.2.40 introduced new property initialFileName in FileChooser
  • Fixed Issue 91: Setting property value to null causes NPE.
  • Fixed Issue 94: Generated scaladocs should have ScalaFX and version in the title.
  • Fixed Issue 95: Add convenience methods for assigning content to Clipboard.
  • Fixed Issue 97: Add wrapper for CheckMenuItem.
  • Add test for `Camera`, part of Issue 98.
  • In SBT, use project name as shell prompt.
  • Upgrade Scala 2.10 to latest release 2.10.3, drop support for Scala 2.9.2, keep only the latest in 2.9: 2.9.3.
  • Make it easier to assign data to a chart when observing data changes is not needed: allow `Seq` in addition to `ObservableBuffer`.

Summary of Changes in ScalaFX 8 since Milestone 1

  • Merge in all improvements from ScalaFX 1 Milestone 6
  • Fixed issue 84 – removed alignWithContentOrigin from scalafx.stage.PopupWindow. This is due to the equivalent member of javafx.stage.PopupWindow, alignWithContentOriginProperty, being removed in JFX 8 b108.
  • Fixed Issue 86 – JavaFX 8 b108 introduced new properties and enum in PopupWindows.
  • Fixed Issue 87 – JavaFX 8 b108 introduced new properties and in WebEngine.
  • Fixed Issue 98: Camera is missing wrappers for farClip and nearClips properties.
  • ZERO constant added to Point2D and 3D.
  • Several new assignment methods in TriangleMesh
  • Improvements to TriangleMeshDemo.
  • Some Scaladoc improvements.
  • Add to Scene new constructors that allow control of anti-aliasing. Update 3D examples to use anti-aliasing to improve rendering.
  • Set JVM target/source to “1.8”, ScalaFX 8 will not work with earlier versions of Java anyway.

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