ScalaFX v.1.0 Milestone 2 Released

The second milestone of ScalaFX v.1.0 is now available on ScalaFX Downloads page and in the Maven repository.
ScalaFX helps you simplify creation of JavaFX-based user interfaces in Scala. ScalaFX uses a simple, hierarchical pattern for creating new objects and building up the scene graph. ScalaFX supports full interoperability with Java and can run anywhere the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and JavaFX2 are supported. Current version supports most of the JavaFX 2.2.* functionality. For more information see ScalaFX home page.
Changes since Milestone 1:
  • Minimized need for implicit conversions in user code by using ScalaFX wrappers as arguments and return values of many methods (forcing the conversions to be compiled in ScalaFX). It is now possible, in many cases, to skip
    import scalafx.Includes._
  • When `null` is assigned to a collection, clear its entries rather than making it `null`.
  • Fixed Issue 9: ClassCastException when working with Binding Expression
  • Work around for Issue 14 added – use ObjectProperty factory methods instead of constructors, see example here.
  • Several issues were resolved to enable simple creation of TableViews: Issue 10404143, and 44.
  • New TableViews examples were added.
  • Fixed Issue 42: enable direct assignment of items to ContextMenu.
  • Resolved 3 out of 4 tests failing in ScalaFX 2.10. The fix for the remaining one is scheduled for M3.
  • Upgraded default Scala version to 2.9.3. Scala 2.10 compiler upgraded to v.2.10.1.

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